Xeme x Popeye™ "Year of the Tiger" Figure

$1,580 HKD $1,888 HKD

Size: 33cm tall

Hong Kong graffiti artist XEME teamed up with POPEYE™️ to create a collectible figure in honor of the Chinese New Year "2022 Year of the Tiger."

XEME, always eager to push creative boundaries, tributes his childhood hero by adding a street and modern twist to the classic character, spicing him up with graffiti elements and XEME’s pixelated style motif.

The collectible depicts POPEYE™️ in a green XEME-inspired graffiti t-shirt, boasting hearty, spinach-eating muscles with a tiger tattoo on his bicep. The POPEYE™️ attire is finished with black, rolled up joggers, green sneakers, and his iconic POPEYE™️ sailor hat and pipe.

The XEME x POPEYE™️ "Year of the Tiger" Figure comes officially licensed with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist himself.

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