2023 - Quartz Cover

2023 - Quartz Cover

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Limited edition of 2000 copies, printed in France.
Cover by Daniel Arsham. Produced by La MJC. 

Hard cover, 192 pages. 
Combination of offset printing, antiscratch matte lamination, glossy varnish on crystal (silkscreen printing), sand varnish effect (silkscreen printing), and deboss on perfect registration for logos and texts on the hardcover.


ALL GONE, The Finest of street culture 2023

JJJJust like in 2022, staying positive in 2023 was challenging. Escaping the persistent refrain of 'crisis, inflation, recession' bordered on the verge of impossibility. Let's not mince words— the post-pandemic new world fails to evoke optimism. The air is thick with pollution, both literally and figuratively, as debates echo the prevailing gloom. Wars not only give rise to divisions but amplify existing ones, adding an additional tension to our daily lives. The hope for a pacified future seems distant.

The assessment is grim, yet it possesses the virtue of clarity. We can't ignore the context when looking at our culture, industries, and key players right now. As I mentioned last year, my intent is not to mask or downplay the challenges humanity faces today. Instead, I strongly believe that our culture is adapting dynamically, finding positives in the midst of negativity, and continuously working for progress, innovation, and self-reinvention.

Since its inception—some will recall, 50 years ago—the mindset of our culture remains the same. Street culture, rooted in rebellion, evolves uniquely amid crises. It stands alone, fueled by seemingly boundless energy, especially in adversity. Though initially met with skepticism, it has become THE most consumed culture globally, embraced and revered universally. Hope, even faint, sustains life, and street culture draws its strength from this hope.

The global crisis forced it to confront itself, reset the counters, and envision the future differently. The repercussions of overly rapid growth and the abrupt fall of some entities left indelible marks. Sometimes, it became necessary to return to roots and (re)develop local engagement and community. Slowing down to prioritize quality over quantity became a necessity once more.

Hence, the paradox prevails, witnessing the world navigating through an increasingly somber period, while street culture continues to radiate and inspire. Forged in adversity, it persists in imprinting the world with its codes, idols, colors, and ideas.

Are crises advantageous to street culture? I wouldn't dare to affirm it. But it seems clear that it does not react like others to their effects. The creativity of its major contributors remains resilient, perhaps even enhanced, accompanied by an unyielding desire to export, progress, and successfully dismantle established norms and conventions.

And so, as we navigate through the storm of Mobb Deep's 'Hell' on Earth, would aspiring to U2's 'Peace' on Earth be detrimental to our beloved culture? The question is ironic, but a clear answer can be given: in 18 years of documenting street culture's pinnacle, it has never wavered. Transitioning from niche to the world's most desired, street culture remains a beacon of creativity, a testament to its creators' indomitable spirit. It has weathered storms, adapted to change, and emerged stronger—sending a powerful, border-transcending message that resonates across generations.

As everyone pursues their dreams, we hope for a new world where justice and peace coexist seamlessly. In this hopeful moment, we trust the upcoming generation to lead the way to a brighter future. May they embrace the resilience of street culture and shape a world where the dream of Peace on Earth is not just cherished but brought to life.

Michael Dupouy, La MJC

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