Mulholland Drive (Untitled
Mulholland Drive (Untitled
Mulholland Drive (Untitled

Mulholland Drive (Untitled #4), 2022

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These fifteen acrylic-painted bronze ashtrays are rich in references to art history. Indicated by the arched curves representative of waves that repeat across the surface of each piece, the sculptures are inspired by David Hockney’s Pool Paintings, an iconic body of work by a legendary British artist that has become a cultural icon of America, in particular California. Jake Clark has long had a fascination with the city of Los Angeles for its abundance of mid-century homes and scenery, and recalls spending much time at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where Hockey himself painted the pool. Like Hockney, Clark is an artist from outside of the United States who has found extensive inspiration in visiting—and now living—in the country, and this visual influence is immediately apparent when encountering his work. 

Material: Acrylic on bronze
Dimensions: 1.5h x 18.5w x 11d in
Details: 1/1; part of a unique series of 15

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