Baxter of California - Get the Look

Hard Cream Pomade and Clay Pomade are blended to create Tyler's structured look with strong yet pliable hold and medium shine.Tyler's uber-thick modern taper cut is given a firm yet flexible hold and matte texture with Clay Pomade.Simple styling of Tyler's medium-length hair achieved with the very versatile Grooming Lotion.
Charlie's longer tapered cut is given modern separation, definition and all-day hold with Clay Pomade, Baxter of California's award-winner and customer-favorite styling clay.Soft Water Pomade gives Charlie's hair light hold with a natural shine.Charlie's fine hair is given strength, texture and non-greasy shine with a mix of Soft Water Pomade and Cream Pomade.

Marcus' longer tapered cut is styled using Hard Water Pomade and a Baxter of California wide-toothed comb, then perfected with a smart side part.Wavy, medium-length hair is given a lived-in style on Marcus with Hard Cream Pomade, adding moisture and hold without being heavy.Marcus' classic pompadour is styled into shape with Grooming Lotion and held in place with Hard Water Pomade.Cream Pomade is used on Thomas to give his hair a light hold, frizz-free definition and low shine.Clean, classic cut is taken in a rugged direction on James with Hard Cream Pomade, delivering a strong hold with a natural finish.Thomas' classic style is given a new twist with Hard Water Pomade, delivering ultimate control and shine.