Decorate Your Space with Jun Oson's Forever Friends Art Rug

Jun Oson presents the Forever Friends Rug in a limited edition of 30. Released in conjunction with Jun Oson's solo exhibition, the Forever Friends Rug measures 148cm in diameter and features original characters including SKULLY, RED DOG, NO BOY, and BELO BELO.⁠ This soft, colorful rug can serve as an eye-catching, contemporary centrepiece⁠ to any home. The limited-edition piece can add a playful ambiance to any home decoration and would fit well in a living room or bedroom.


Dimensions: 148cm Diameter
Edition of 30

About Jun Oson:

Jun Oson started his illustrator career in 2005, where he created characters with peanut-shaped features. His artworks have a stateless style based on the influence of manga and animations that he has been unconsciously influenced by since childhood, with elements from Western artists such as James Jarvis and KAWS. In addition to people with various skin colors, monsters and robots appear in his works. “Diversity” is something he has always had since he started his career and is fundamental to his values. Throughout his career he has become well-known in the art community in Japan.

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