Gimme 5 Soldier Incense Burner

The Gimme 5 SOLDIER INCENSE BURNER is a ceramic piece packaged in a box designed by 7stars Design. This item was crafted in Mexico and features an embossed logo.⁠

This item can hold an incense stick in the barrel of the gun and can free-stand on its own. The piece evokes nostalgia as the ceramic takes the form of green army figurines. This item was designed by 7stars design, also known as Toshiya Horiuchi (@toshiya_horiuchi)
- Made in mexico
- Ceramic
- Gimme Five embossed logo
- Box design by 7 STAR DESIGN (C) 2022

About Gimme 5
Founded in 1989 by Michael Kopelman, Gimme Five has built narratives and found function and beauty around each of their chosen brands. Committed to the here and now rather than focusing on past glories, Gimme Five's aim is to build and maintain an ever-evolving platform for the very best.