David Shrigley Posters, created from the unique work

David Shrigley posters created from the unique works:

When Life Gives You A Lemon (2021)

Untitled (Tornado of Nonsense) (2021)

Sorry For Being Annoying (2021)

You Got Beaten By A Crab (2021)

You Win This Mushroom (2020)

The Moment Has Arrived (2021)

Add vibrant pops of color to your interior decoration with these posters. Ranging from fruits and vegetables to animals and natural disasters, these posters highlight Shrigley's expansive range of subject material. Throughout each poster, Shrigley includes a short and witty excerpt.

Select colour paintings reproduced as large format posters. Made to encourage joy, thoughtfulness and curiosity in any space for everyone.

Posters are sold unframed. Open edition.


Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm
Printed on 200g Munken Lynx paper
Printed by Narayana Press in Denmark

About David Shrigley:

David Shrigley is a British artist whose drawing style evolved as a reaction to the seriousness of the art he was expected to produce at art school. He bases his work on intuition rather than long-winded theory. Shrigley is also a self-editor, ripping up whatever he thinks doesn't work into pieces so that they can't be recycled. He holds onto the things that surprise him and make him laugh.

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