Vincent Van Gogh - Almond Blossoms

Vincent Van Gogh - Almond Blossoms

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Almond Blossoms is one of Vincent van Gogh’s best known paintings and is noteworthy in that both Van Gogh and his closest family held the work in high regard. This painting is one of a small handful that Van Gogh produced with a particular person in mind–in this case, his brother and sister-in-law’s newborn baby. Van Gogh was deeply moved when Theo and Johanna chose to name the child Vincent and he always harbored a great deal of affection for the child. Van Gogh painted Almond Blossoms to honor his namesake and it remains a tour-de-force, both the product of Vincent’s fondness for his nephew as well as the Japanese art which he so greatly admired.

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- Open edition
- Each deck measures approx. 31x8in (80x20cm)
- Made of 7 ply Grade A Canadian Maple wood
- Top-print includes printed signature by the artist

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