The Collector – Paranoia

$1,800 HKD $2,280 HKD

It is quiet here at the edge of the world. The Void, having lost everyone who might have loved him, rides away from civilization on the back of his Alpacumulus. His most cherished belongings trail him in a net floating high above as he rides deeper into the darkness. With his menacing mask warding off danger in this unknown territory, he wails into the sky, one last cry to a world that rejected him without ever giving him a chance. He looks up at his clouds, grateful for their company, as night settles in and he feels himself become a speck on the horizon.

The Collector is a 14'' [35.5 cm] gravity-defying figure that tests the limits of vinyl art, and it comes in two unique editions. Paranoia (limited to 345 pieces) finds the Void’s clouds bursting with a prism of colors and emotion as the sun begins to set on the life he once had. Narcosis (limited to 234 pieces) depicts the Void on a calm day; as he finds a serenity within himself, the clouds fade into a blissful white, and his new life begins.

Each order comes with the Void sitting atop his Alpacumulus, one foreboding mask pointing him towards an unknown destination, a sleeping mat rolled up behind him for the long nights ahead, and his collection of clouds floating impossibly in the sky. Tired from the long journey, he will arrive at your door securely packed inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge.

The sculpture is volume III of the coarse: ethos series, which began with the reality-bending Cells and Strangers. The figures in this series are some of our most personal, and as life-long collectors we are proud to present this new piece, which honors what it means to be a collector even when the world might not understand us.

Limited to 345

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