Case Studyo


Case Studyo is excited to present its first edition with prolific Canadian artist of South Korean origin, Sun Woo. Working in the realms of painting and digital art, Sun Woo explores the impact of technological dependency on modern day culture. The artist dives deep into the collective psyche formed by the commodified devices that shape our worldview and ultimately transform our reality.
In her recent work, Sun Woo turns her focus to the subject of digitized memory. In today’s society our memories are archived by digital gadgets, suggested by social media and curated by the almighty algorithm. This virtual process of remembering brings into question our governance over our own recollection.
For her collaboration with Case Studyo, Sun Woo presents ‘Memory Box’, a physical object that disrupts the mechanisms of digital memory storage. The edition is a living embodiment of personal remembrance, a container that is the antithesis of a digital device, carefully cast in high quality resin, embellished with surgical steel and synthetic hair.. The artist uses flesh as a raw material and treats skin as a symbolic place that carries the traces of our encounters with the surrounding world. With the creation of this carnal memory box, Sun Woo investigates the relationship we have with the devices that increasingly become an extension of our physical body.

Memory box
Mixed media
Edition of 25 + 5 A.P.’s
Sized: H 10 x W 23 x D 14 cm (3.94 x 9.05 x 5.51 inches)
Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
Wood screen printed box

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