Raymond Pettibon - No Title (Boston Brave), 2017

Raymond Pettibon - No Title (Boston Brave), 2017

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The present work depicts the baseball player, Warren Spahn, in the middle of throwing a left-handed pitch. The image illustrates Pettibon’s fascination with the visual language of this archetypal American sport, which is a common theme in his work. As Raymond explains, “to draw someone with a wetsuit or a tight, double-knit baseball outfit doesn’t lend itself to what I’m looking to describe. It’s just one snapshot; I’m trying to depict something that is an action. If you draw a baseball player, for instance, with the old-time baggy flannels, you can depict the action better than you can with something that looks painted on to his body. […] But it’s also meant to go back in time to when baseball had a more of a larger-than-life epic quality.”


- Edition of 50
- Hand Signed CoA by the artist
- skateboard deck measures approx. 31x8in (80x20cm)
- Made of 7 ply Grade A Canadian Maple wood
- Top-print includes printed signature by the artist

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