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Metal Stand

$49.00 USD

This Metal Stand helps you to place your Plantui 3 Smart Garden or Moomin Garden 3 wherever you want: no hooks and screws needed. Setting up your device with the Metal Stand is easy, fast and safe. The stand offers space for both the bowl and the light hat.

With Plantui 3 smart garden you can grow tasty, healthy and fresh herbs in your kitchen at home. It's a bit like having an indoor garden. All this is wrapped in a beautiful design with a patented growth process and the special light spectra ensures successful and easy gardening inside.

The size is compact and fits most kitchens. Plantui 3 smart garden will bring life and joy to your kitchen.

Plantui 3 smart garten has room for three plant closures and takes care automatically of cultivation, irrigation - and the lighting is automated - in 5-8 weeks. Therefore, you can safely grow your favorite herbs, lettuce and edible flowers, all the way from seed to full-grown plants. So there is no land or gardening needed to grow your favorite herbs in the kitchen at home.

The patented growth process covers photosynthetic light spectra and intelligent irrigation and nutrients. This allows Plantui to use light to make plants grow and to get the right amount and quality of light for their optimal growth. 

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