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Beard Removal Kit

$36.00 USD

This wonderful 'Beard Removal' Shave kit contains all the essential products needed to help remove that unruley beard.
Each product is 50ml which is perfect for travelling - as they won't stop you at customs! You can look great arriving to the airport and stepping off the plane.
What does it contain?
How to remove you beard guide.  Disposable Hot Cloth Face Towels. Beard Trimming Scissors (stainless steel).  50ml Beard Softening Shave Oil, this all natural formula is perfect for getting that super close, moisturising shave.   50ml Post Shave Balm, this light super moisturising cream is the perfect soother after a close sharp shave. Use it sparingly. 
100% natural, No animal testing; no parabens; no silicones.
Made in England.  140cm length, 10cm width, 3.5 cm depth.

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