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Japanese Teas

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Gusto is Hong Kong's only premium culinary & alcohol tasting collection. In this box, we present four high quality teas in glass test tubes. We have hand-selected these beautiful teas from different regions of Japan, to give you an exciting introduction to Japanese Teas.

Discover the variety and wonders of the different teas from the Land of the Rising Sun through our Collection. With a carefully curated selection, you will find Japanese teas that range from the light grassy Sencha that we so commonly associate with Japanese teas, to the beautiful Roasted Hojicha, a stunning reddish-brown tea with rich earth notes. The teas have been sourced from the best of suppliers available especially for you. Enjoy!


Roasted Hojicha
Caffeine Level: Very Low
Taste Note: Rich & Toasty
The distinct reddish-brown colour of Hojicha is a result of the strong roasting of the Japanese green tea.

Caffeine Level: Low
Taste Note: Smooth & Nutty
A gorgeous Genmaicha that has a smooth and almost popcorn-like nuttiness to it.

Caffeine Level: Medium
Taste Note: Creamy & Sweet
This powdered green tea is not strained before drinking so you consume the whole leaf. This gives a mellower, longer energy boost.

Caffeine Level: Medium
Taste Note: Delicate & Savory
The most frequently drunk tea in Japan, this particular tea has strong floral notes and a light body.


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