Evapolar Personal Air Cooler

$305.00 USD

Evapolar creates your own personal microclimate

Cools the air
Use natural evaporative cooling to create a perfect microclimate in your personal working, sleeping or traveling area.

Humidifies the air, which allows easy breathing, and improves the health of your skin and hair.

Filters out dust particles, which is ideal for allegery sufferers.

How Evapolar works

Microclimate area: 45 sq ft (3 – 4 sq m)
Cools a single person's work space, sleeping area or traveling tent. Most efficiently cools an area of 21 – 32 sq ft (2 – 3 sq m). Doesn't cool the whole room.

Temperature reduction: 39 – 63°F (4 – 17°C)
Decreases outgoing airflow temperature down to 17°C / 63°F degrees depending on the humidity level. Works best in a dry, hot climate. Has a limited cooling effect in an area with a humidity higher than 70%.


Cooling power: up to 1200 BTU/hr
Cooling square: 45 sq ft (3-4 sq m)
Noise level: 28–40 dB

Power consumption: 10W
Micro-USB plug 5V 2A
Works with USB power bank

Size: 6.87 × 6.70 × 6. 69 inches (174 × 170 × 170 mm)
Weight (without water): 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg)
Water tank capacity: 25.36 fl oz (750 ml)

Water tank refill cycle: every 4-6 hours
Cartridge replacement frequency:
every 3-6 months

Operation Time: 4-6 Hours
Works for 4 – 6 hours on one tank of water. Operating time depends on the humidity level and temperature of the room.


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