Black iPhone 6S Plus Latitute Case

$29.00 USD $58.00 USD

The Latitude is the only dual-mode case that lets you power up using just about any type of wireless charger.

Unparalleled Convenience via Compatibility with Both Major Wireless Charging Standards

The Latitude is the first dual-mode charger that makes your iPhone compatible with both of the major wireless charging standards. This means you don't have to pick sides in the format war; as you power up seamlessly with Qi chargers (such as Bezalel's Prelude) as well as those based on the competing PMA standard (which powers the wireless charging stations found at many Starbucks locations). Simply put; you can charge up wirelessly wherever there's a wireless charger. (Stations found at many Starbucks locations).

Unparalleled Convenience via Superior All-in-One Design

Most wireless charging cases for the iPhone block Lightning cable access; which makes it a hassle to synch your phone or charge it the old fashioned way. We have eliminated this problem by adding a flexible; super-durable Lightning cable connector. We also made sure the Latitude works perfectly with every type of 3.5mm earphone plug.

Soft Touch with a Solid Grip

The Latitude fits your iPhone like a glove
and feels great in your hand.

Stylish and Functional

Advanced materials and ultra-precise double injection manufacturing enable the Latitude to provide great protection in a sophisticated; ultra-slim design. It keeps your iPhone safe and stylish when you're on the go.

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