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Orange Mesh Case for iPhone 6s

$30.00 USD

When thinking about iPhone cases, the Japanese engineers answered, "Elastomer."

Not too soft, not too hard
A new material: Japanese made elastomer

It's harder than a soft case, and softer than a hard case. To protect your iPhone and provide the perfect hardness for daily use, Japanese made elastomer was born. It has outstanding durability and elasticity, and is easy to put on and take off. A new iPhone case that doesn't know what it means to break. Mesh holes in the entire back can be expected effect of releasing the heat.

The grip feels perfect 
And the form was designed with the palm in mind

Elastomer is soft to the touch, yet flexible. It is dirt and shock resistant, and is used in construction tool grips and rugged watches. The circular back of the case creates a form that feels great to hold. By adding a gentle curve to the iPhone's flatness, the case makes your iPhone fit snugly in your palm.

Size Body: W70.5mm / H141mm / D9.4mm
Package: W93mm / H180mm / D16mm
Weight Body: ≒20g
Package: ≒46g


Made in Japan

 From planning to production The entire process is completed domestically A completely Japanese made iPhone case 


Resistant against dirt and shock An elastic material Using Japanese made elastomer

9 colors

You'll want to change your case every day Color variations 9 different colors

for iPhone6s

iPhone 6s
For 4.7 inch model
Mesh case


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