Time in Color


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Change the way you see the day.


TODAY is the 24-Hour timepiece that gently portrays the stillness in nature that we so often seek in ourselves. Having access to this additional perspective of time provokes contemplation, stimulates curiosity and holds a mirror to change as it happens in nature. 

  • 24-Hour silent movement with Hytrel® gears made in Germany.
  • UV printed on JetView™ Matte polycarbonate from Tekra®.
  • Brushed stainless steel body with translucent matte powder coating.
  • Reinforced custom glass mirrors your room in a wide-angle perspective. 
  • Beautifully packaged as a gift for yourself or someone else you love.

TODAY is a work of art that should be installed s ecurely and safely, preferably where it can get some direct sunlight during the day. The print is designed to slowly desaturate decade after decade, acquiring a patina unique to the patterns of light in your room. 


TODAY is a shamelessly optimistic gift for someone who is going through a new change and or always seems anxious about time or fretful about life in general. It will be one the best gifts you ever give as the bond it can help solidify over time between you and the giftee is beyond measure. 


Time in Color is an experience of inner vision you may have while living with ThePresent and TODAY. Seeing both clock hands line up in such a way so that you plainly see how your day relates to the larger world of the solar system is a philosophical magic trick that can only be experienced in time. 


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