"ARITA WARE” Ashtray (3 Colors)

$27 USD $45 USD


In 1616, at Izumiyama (Izumiyama) in Saga prefecture, a magnets of good quality were discovered and it was the first porcelain made in Japan , and it continues to be handed down as it is now traditional crafting representative in Japan , not only in Japan but also in the world Ashtrays made with "Arita - yaki" continue to be loved. Molded from painting, molding, painting etc. Of course, each one was done carefully without compromising by a craftsman, burning (bamboo shoot) was baked in a kiln firmly for 3 days at a high temperature of 1,300 degrees and baked It has become a finish that combines firm strength. It is also thin and lightweight but very durable and it is made from white stones so it is also a point that the charm of Arita-yaki is firmly expressed in a clear-cut color finish.
In addition to "Smoking kills", "CAUTION" which is also one of the logo of brand representatives, brand logos and icons are arranged on the bottom and sides. On the back is a letter of "smoking cessation" etc # FR2 It seems to be full of fun filled design, as well as ashtray, of course, can also be used as accessories, items are also pleasing items.

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