KUTANI 400% BE@RBRICK Sakurairo Hanten-yuu Version

$14,600 HKD

The Medicom Toy Kutani BE@RBRICK (Sakurairo Hanten-yuu version) 400% is made with Kutani, a traditional style of Japanese porcelain which requires a long and meticulous creation process, resulting in a highly smooth, durable, and glossy piece. The desire for Kutani’s bold colours and construction is said to have been born through the long and dreary winters of the Hokuriku region; though the art form has expanded since, and continues to be passed down among generations to come. Handmade in Japan, each Medicom Toy Kutani BE@RBRICK is a completely unique piece, baring slight yet distinctive details that differentiate it from the rest.

  • Handmade in Japan
  • 400% BE@RBRICK
  • 280mm tall
  • Custom Kutani Sakurairo Hanteen-yuu¬¨‚Ćdesign

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