Omen Totem – Fade (Old Sun)

$1,980 HKD

A striking 14 inches tall, Omen Totem – Fade is a bold design object that stands out even in its most pensive moments of meditation. The sculpture rests in a state of stoic remembrance, reflecting on things lost but not forgotten. 

Old Sun [limited to 234 pieces] erupts in a flash of yellow, red, and black as it tries to retrieve the love that has faded along the way. 

Every order of Omen Totem – Fade contains one 200% omen searching for hope amid a moment of despair. Although they will sit still in your homes, their minds will be busy grappling with the idea of permanence, and the imperative belief that things will always get better. 

The older you get, the more you lose. But there are glimmers in the darkness.

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