Posted on October 30 2017

Welcome back to our tasting series! Here we go again hunting for the best of the best in Hong Kong. The culprit of our second review is one of the most ubiquitous Cantonese classics– Char Siu Fan (salty-sweet roast pork rice). We polled on Instagram to find the most-loved Char Siu Fan joints, getting a mix of high-end spots and local hole-in-the-wall. Here are three of our favorites.

Joy Hing

Our first stop is the world famous, Michelin starred Joy Hing located in Wan Chai. It has been established for decades since the late Qing Dynasty, specializing in a range of roasted meat. Dubbed the best char siu restaurant in Hong Kong, Joy Hing’s meat are roasted over a pre-war designed oven that gives a deep smoky barbeque flavor. The Char Siu Fan ($30) comes with a generous portion of double-roasted Char Siu with a perfect ratio between fat and lean meat. The thick cuts full of moisture and flavors have thin crusts smeared with two honey glaze coatings, perfectly balanced off by tangy ginger and scallions oil. Get great bang for your buck at this super local eatery!

The Counter by Deibérica

As a Spanish ham shop, The Counter by Deibérica in Central offer next level Char Siu Fan. Their Ibérico Char Siu Egg Rice Lunch Box ($88 and limited to 20 serves a day) uses free range, coloring and chemical free ibérico pork from south of Spain renowned for its tender texture. The barbecued pork is so succulent and has an exceptionally melt-in-your-mouth texture paired with balsamic sauce differing from traditional ones. The lunchbox comes with a fried egg and green salads for extra twists. If you like your char siu ultra-soft bursting with sweet juice, this is your go-to.


Dragon State Kitchen Restaurant

The lesser-known Dragon State away in Sheung Wan serves roasted meat siu mei as well as other classic Cantonese stir-fry. The Barbecue Double Combo ($49) allows you to mix and match from a range of meat cuts.  We tried both the fatty and medium fatty Chat Siu. Just when we thought Joy Hing’s char siu couldn’t get any better, Dragon State’s fatty char siu had the same sweet and smoky flavor but was infinitely crunchier with a heavy coat of glossy honey glaze and the burned bits add extra crunch which we really like.


Joy Hing surely has the most traditional Char Siu in town. Putting Michelin awards aside, we were amazed by the quality of Char Siu Dragon State offers and we are very impressed with the interesting Spanish twist brought by The Counter by Deibérica. So fellow foodies, go ahead and indulge yourself with bowls of mouthwatering fatty char siu and embrace that sweetness.

Check out our video below and stay tuned for our next review!


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