TOMS Giving Trip - Giving from Jin-goo Oppa

Posted on December 14 2016

TOMS partnered with tvN Asia and Korean actor, Yeo Jin-goo, for a Shoe Giving Trip to Dong Ha, Vietnam. A media roundtable for Korean and Asian media is held on December 5 to introduce the docu-series titled, Giving from Jin-goo Oppa – presented by TOMS and produced jointly by tvN Asia and OnStyle.

The media event is held in Café Boundary in Cheongdam, Seoul and features an interesting array of video clips including the preview of the program, produced by tvN Asia and TOMS. The docu-series will debut on December 10 through Onstyle in Korea and tvN Asia in Asia-Pacific. 

This valuable docu-series marked the celebration of the 10th anniversary of TOMS, with Yeo Jin-goo on board, TOMS aims to spread the message of ‘giving’ to a younger audience. Mr. Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS, made a special thank you note to Yeo Jin-goo, “I want to thank you from me and everyone at TOMS all over the world, for spending time in Vietnam on your Giving Trip with the kids. And for giving your time, your love and your energy! I hope this experience stays with you forever. I look forward to meeting you someday, but until there… Carpe Diem

Yeo Jin-goo shares his meaningful experience from the Giving Trip, “It was a new experience for me. It was my first time to Vietnam and to help someone putting on their shoes. I feel lucky to have the chance to give such meaningful gifts to the children in need.”

Jin-goo joined TOMS and its Giving Partner, Project RENEW, for his first giving experience. During the shooting of Giving from Jin-goo Oppa, he visited two schools in Dong Ha, Vietnam, measured and fitted shoes for over 200 children. Moreover, he acted as a one-day Korean class teacher for secondary school children and spent an afternoon with them playing group sports activities. All children bid farewell to Jin-goo with smiling faces as dusk fell.

Through the One for One® movement since 2006, TOMS has given over 70 million pairs of shoes to children in need, restored sight to over 445,000 people, provided over 400,000 weeks of safe water, and supported safe birth services for over 70,000 mothers. Customer purchases make TOMS Giving possible in over 70 countries around the world through its network of Giving Partners.


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