St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival

Posted on January 10 2017


The ever popular St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival is back for its 12th year in a row!

To give you the 411, the festival originates from Melbourne, initially attracting indie music lovers. Over the course of the first five years, it grew into a well-known local music festival for Aussies. In 2009, the festival was held in Auckland, New Zealand, sharing the experience with indie fans outside of Australia for the first time. In 2011, organizers announced Singapore as the first host city in the festival's expansion into Southeast Asia.

In 2014, Singapore made Laneway history by featuring local acts such as Gema, Vandetta and The Observatory as well as Pastel Lite from Malaysia.

Last year, the Singaporean version had eight regional appearances. Bands such as Cheats, Cashew Chemists, GDJYB, Intriguant and R!ot in Magenta repped the Asian indie scene.

This year’s Laneway shines the spotlight on some of Asia’s best, including Singapore’s local artists such as Sam Rui, T-Rex and Astreal, Indonesia’s Bottlesmoker and Stars & Rabbit, and Japan’s Wednesday Campanella.

Laneway Festival merchandize includes an element of giving back to the community. Astreal's Ginette Chittick, artist, DJ, fashion designer and music icon, will be creating a limited-edition tote bag sold only at Laneway Festival Singapore 2017. Funds will go directly to the Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation! Keep an eye out for the fun totes and give back to those in need.

For the full line-up at Laneway Festival Singapore, visit their website at

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