Native x Grassroots Pantry Take Action For The Environment

Posted on May 24 2017


A Healthy Diet Means a Healthy Planet. Demonstrating how eco-conscious values apply to more than just individuals. Two companies, each with their own creative solutions to contribute to the protection of the environment, joined together last Sunday for a project that perfectly put action behind their philosophies. We invited friends in the community to a beach clean up in Shek-O and an afternoon screening of an eco-conscious documentary at Grassroots Pantry.

Who & Why

The partnership between Native and Grassroots Pantry is a demonstration of how both brands have responsible values woven into the roots of their stories. Local vegan restaurant, Grassroots Pantry is not only an established supporter of eco-conscious practices, but also committed to sourcing, unprocessed, sustainable and organic ingredients. Native Footwear, known for its environmentally friendly shoes for the whole family, is also vegan (and PETA approved!). The shoes are produced using a unique, low emissions manufacturing process and they are packaged with recyclable materials only.

How it went

The event was a complete success with supporters of all ages joining to do their part in making a change for the planet.

Ending a morning of hard work on a relaxing note at Grassroots Pantry, we kicked back, relaxed and wrapped things up with informative film Cowspiracy – a must-watch documentary on the dramatic effects of agri-business and how important it is that we do what we do and give back when we can.

Check out the Gallery below:

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