Interview with CEO & founder of Airinum

Posted on November 24 2017

Hey Alexander, tell us about yourself?
Hi my name is Alex, the CEO and founder of Airinum. The company was founded 2.5 years ago, after realising that most masks in the market that really work are very industrial. We wanted to create a product that is way more advanced but also in a fashion aspect. 
How did Airinum start? 
It was started when I was living in India and I got some asthma problem. That's why I started looking for a more advanced mask and decided to make a mask with more advanced filter material for everyday use. 
Start from 2018, the Airnum mask will feature a new technology called Polygiene®. Could you tell us more about it?
Sure. You know many people use a mask want to be protected from bacteria. So we want to make it more advanced with anti-bacterial material. We partnered up with Polygiene®, which is also a swedish company that uses the most advanced technology for antibacterial treatment. We are going to apply this technology in our whole range in the future. 
Do you agree that AIr Pollution is one of the biggest global threats? 
Yea for sure. The more you read about it, the more convinced you be. It's a huge problem. It's a difficult one. Because air is invisible. But if you look at the health care aspect. It's actually affecting millions of people. 18,000 people die everyday because of air pollution. It's definitely one of the biggest health concerns that we have. 
What is your motivation of running Airinum? 
We wanted to create a product that could actually improves people's health. This is the main motivation. And then we want to make it more comfortable and stylish as well so people would actually wear it everyday.
How do you feel about Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is a very exciting city for us. Many months of the year there is great air here but many other months the air is actually pretty bad. I believe it's because of the smog coming from Shenzhen an other part of south China. Hong Kong residents and tourists coming in and out would probably need an airinum to protect themselves from the polluted air.
Airinum is now available at WOAW. Check out the whole range here

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