WOAW x Priv. Spoons Club first capsule collab marking its first debut in Hong Kong

WOAW has teamed up with Priv. Spoons Club for their first collaborative project, launching the first capsule collab and exclusive range of products from Japan.

Hailing from Japan, Priv. Spoons Club is a lifestyle brand that offers a full lineup of home accessory. From bed sheets, pillow cases, pajamas to slippers, its thoughtfully curated collection combines an element of fashion, interior, and lifestyles from worldwide. The brand focuses on curating the entire room and atmosphere made up for a “sensuous feel while simultaneously being truly comfy,” style.

Marking its first debut in Hong Kong, the duo’s first capsule collab features co-branded slippers, blanket and pajama sets. The main collection from Priv. Spoons Club will also be available at WOAW online starting on October 25th. 

To commemorate this pop up, the duo would hold a one off pajamas party on Oct 25th, and join forces with famous Japan illustrator Chocomoo to create a special window set up and tote bag station. The event starts at 7pm in WOAW Store. Please join us for fun.

Check out the lookbook below.