WOAW X ANDRSN - The Arista Could be the Best Valentine's Day Gift This Year

This year, ANDRSN is offering The Arista - 36 ScarleEverlong* roses & Blush Everlong* rose lettering, exclusively sold at WOAW. It is a customized Everlong* Blush rose lettering in a box of bold and beautiful Everlong* Scarlet roses. 


Founded on the friendship of two Aussie girls who grew up on Anderson Street with roses in their backyard and love in their bones; ANDRSN is a bespoke florist for the modern romantic, for the rogues, for the beautiful. Life may seem like a fickle game but when all is said and done, what we remember are the little things; a cake, a hug, an invitation to talk and every single rose. And though a rose’s life is finite, these are all expressions of a notion coming together and forging memories for keeps. Our bespoke boxes of carefully selected roses are personalized to your liking and are a contemporary-chic way to celebrate every milestone and crossroad. Because after all; simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

What are Everlong Roses?

Everlong roses are real roses preserved with a special process that keeps them beautiful and everlasting for up to 2 years.

Personalised Hang tag

You can pre-order from February 1st to February 12th and pick up your order on February 13th and 14th in store. Just in time for Valentine’s day.

Please note that this is for Hong Kong customer only due to international shipping restriction. 

Price: HK$1,999 or US$256/box

To order the The Arista online, Customer will need to purchase the item here and send an email to orders@woawstore.com and specify the following details.

  • Order Number
  • Customized letter:
  • Complimentary gift card message 
  • Personalised Hang tag message - max 20 letters per line, max 2 lines per hang tag 
    (additional HK$100 or US$12.8, you can purchase here while you ordering The Arista
    • Preferred Pick up date: 13th/14th Feb