WOAW Welcomes Life Changing Innovations for Busy Hong Kongers

This April, WOAW is adding two new brands to our product selection, offering simple solutions for busy Hong Kongers - KAZBrella and Prepd - umbrellas and lunchboxes reimagined for your convenience. New season eyewear from Dior, Karen Walker and LeSpecs will be in store.

No Drip, No Drop

As summertime approaches in Hong Kong, so does the dreaded rainy season. Elbowing your way through the city with an umbrella in hand is hard enough, but as every Hong Konger knows, once indoors the soaking wet umbrella poses problems of its own. Aeronautical and Civil Engineer, Jenan Kazim is an inventor who used his background to create a revolutionary solution to this problem – KAZbrella, the world’s first inside-out umbrella. KAZBrella folds upwards to close which prevents water from pooling all over the floor, allowing the water to be poured out instead of it trailing behind you. Another added benefit is the unique design prevents you from smacking (or being smacked by) anyone within close reach every time you open your umbrella.


Eat Right

Packing your own lunch is a simple way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially in Hong Kong, where healthy restaurants aren’t always easy to come by and sweet temptations are always in arms reach. Prepd is sleek, simple and incredibly useful lunch box that puts your plastic Tupperware to shame. Not only is the natural bamboo casing far more sustainable than your average plastic lunch bag, the containers are leak proof and have the added convenience of magnetic cutlery and a set of chopsticks!

Check out our new arrival now!