Woaw Store Presents: Urban Exploration through the lens of @timmy727

WOAW Store Presents: Urban Exploration through the lens of @timmy727.

Timmy is an interior designer by day, and spent an afternoon showing us some of his favourite hidden urban landscapes of Hong Kong.

"With my Herschel bag I traveled all the way to Kwun Tong which is known to be an industrial area of Hong Kong. In one of industrial buildings, there is this cafe serving beautifully presented dishes using local produce. The space has a rustic and industrial interior, where all the tables and chairs are hand-crafted in house."

"Standing at the bottom of a huge spiral car park. Looking upwards searching for the only source of light shining through. This is how I experience Hong Kong."

"This 'look-up' architecture is located in Sheung Wan and widely called among Instagrammers as the 'butterfly look-up' spot, because it resembles a butterfly spreading wings. Looking up at the tall sky scrappers in Hong Kong and you will be surprised by how many unexpected patterns that you can find."

"The Hong Kong airport before it was relocated to the Chek Lap Kok International Airport, was once at Kai Tak whereby the proximity of the airplanes and the residential buildings was minimal during take-off and landing. However, this can no longer be experienced and the closest you can get to that is at the Airplane Repair Area."

"I have always had an affection towards building that spiral upwards. I would extend my hand towards the light and spread out my fingers. It is my way of saying 'Hi' to you."

" Hong Kong is famous for its dense spread of high rise buildings. This is the other side of Hong Kong, whereby you can still see tall buildings but they are well-planned for residential purposes. This is where I call home."
" As a cafe lover myself, this is one of those so-called 'hipster' cafes that I frequent. Owned by an Australian couple, their coffee is very on-point. I also like how they have a concrete platform outside for you to relax and enjoy your coffee."
" This is my favorite Japanese dessert shop in Hong Kong. I am obsessed with their intense roasted and nutty sesame soft serve. Every mouthful is heaven, especially during a scorching hot summer."
" I packed my camera into my Herschel bag and embarked an adventure to one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong called Ping Shek Estate. I like the repetitive pattern of this architecture, and the look-up view from here always takes my breath away."
" One of my favourite things to do is to observe strangers and capture all the different gestures from far away. This will give a clean and minimal look to my photo."