ChristMUST Gift Guide - Shoes & Toys Edition


Picasso Babe’s children’s shoes have always drawn inspiration from the latest sneakerhead culture and this season is no exception, featuring a few of the most iconic sneaker silhouettes of the year including the Adidas NMD, Yeezy Boost 350 & 750, as well as the evergreen Air Jordan 1.

All of their products are made with children in mind, featuring soft knitted cotton and in sizes suitable for children 9-12 months old. Although the shoes are small, they manage to represent even the small details of the silhouettes, making them a perfect gift for sneakerhead parents.

If your sneakerhead friends don’t have children yet, then we have the perfect gift for them. UZZY specialises in creating the most comfortable room shoes inspired by the blueprintsof the most hyped sneaker silhouettes.

Some of our favourites include the Nike MAG, Air Jordan 1, Converse, and Vans models.Essential for staying fresh while braving the colder months ahead.

iSmart’s (coming soon) Star Wars 1:1 Bluetooth Speakers are true to scale replica helmets of favourites from the epic film series, featuring iconic characters such as Darth Vader as well as the Death Troopers from the upcoming film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Both models come equipped with three speakers: two tweeters for high frequencies and one subwoofer for bass. Bluetooth connectivity is available, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack to connect your preferred devices. Super limited collectibles, only 2,000 have been produced globally with each item featuring a unique serial number.

Medicom Toy’s highly sought after BE@RBRICK toys feature new releases in iconic designs. Krusty the Clown (coming soon) has always been Bart and Lisa Simpson’s favourite TV character and he makes his BE@RBRICK debut this season.


Other new arrivals include the beloved Japanese cartoon character Astro Boy, as well as a special BE@RBRICK representing Pharrell Williams’ “i am other” creative venture. All of these BE@RBRICKs are available in limited quantities of both 400% and 1000% sizes.

Jeremyville is a New York based artist known for his unique air pieces comprised of strange and wacky cartoon characters. He has released a series of piggy banks featuring custom cartoons accompanied by various inspirational mottos, such as “Don’t let life grind you down”, and “Live life sunny side up”.

Now available at in a variety of designs.


These are just a select few of the many new products we have brought in for this season, so come visit us in store for more inspiration. You also don’t want to miss our upcoming Christmas celebrations in store, and together with the rest of Gough Street, so stay tuned for more details on our upcoming events and promotions!