WOAW Gallery presents "FANTASY" by Sam Friedman in association with Library Street Collective

WOAW Gallery in association with Library Street Collective presents "FANTASY" by Sam Friedman Popup Gallery. On view at WOAW, 5 Sun St, Wan Chai from 26th November to 10th December, 2020.

Friedman moves between representational and abstract depictions with seeming ease and spontaneity.  In this exhibition his paintings explore the formal concerns of paint, tools and surfaces as they relate to the scale of the human body, and his narratives resist progressive plots; without a beginning or end, the works become infinite. For each piece he manifests, there are countless interpretations that do not become physical, yet remain in the artist’s mind with a boundlessness that resonates with the viewer. 

Sam has had a long-time affinity for Rockaway Beach. Many of his landscapes reference the closeness he has with the beach’s natural landscape, the colour and movement and joy he has experienced there. During this time of uncertainty around the world he found being able to enjoy the same freedoms he experienced at Rockaway Beach to feel like an otherworldly dream, a fantasy. And inspired him to bring this collection with theme "FANTASY".

The exhibition is accessible at WOAW gallery from now till 10th December (Mon - Sun / 11am - 6pm)  at WOAW gallery. 

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