As we approach July, we have curated a selection of artwork edition, toy collectables and many more for you to get past the hot summer weather.

Koichi Sato - Ecstasy Journey

To mark the one-year anniversary of WOAW gallery, WOAW has joined forces again with Ross + Kramer Gallery and Bill Brady Gallery to bring an exclusive series of Koichi Sato’s work to print. Sato’s prints are a celebration of his first solo show – “ECSTASY JOURNEY” in Hong Kong and the opening of WOAW gallery. Each series of print will come with a special packaging and will be available in limited numbers. 

Medicom Toy - Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Be@rbrick

 Medicom toys honours American Andy Warhol with one of his most famous works - Twenty-Five Colored Marilyns from 1962, a depiction of Marilyn Monroe. The collectables come in 1000%, 400% and 100%. All glossed in Warhol's iconic Monroe silk-screening print. Each Monroe print has a subtle difference and offers a unique medium for the recognisable piece.

Medicom Toy - Series 40 100% Be@rbrick 


The 100% Be@rbricks collection celebrates the Series 40 with iconic pop characters, including, Snoopy's sister - Belle, Armoured Wonder Woman, Tomotake Takahashi's Robi, Horror Superhero Brightburn and many more. Try your luck in-store soon.

China Town Market - Basketball & Football

A re-stock on Mike Cherman's Chinatown Market iconic smiley face basketball and football. Both athletic collectables will be coated in its iconic vibrant yellow, constructed in composite leathers and branded with the Chinatown Market logo. Both items are made in the USA and are regulated size. Make sure to bring some fun to your next game.


Shoeuzi - Air uzi

(Postponed to July) In celebration of the recent Nike Air Max Day, J-ldn is back again with another interpretation of the Uzi Gun. Taking inspiration from the Nike Air Mag, the "Air Uzi" features the Air mag colorways and has a light up feature, just like the Nike Air Mag. Back to the future! 


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