Watts up with chicken: Yardbird reveals secret recipes in their book “Chicken and Charcoal”

When it comes to choosing mains, chicken normally ranks lower than beef, lamb and seafood. Until this chef came to rectify the situation.

It was love at first sight when Canadian chef Matt Abergel tasted grilled meat on stick in Japan when he was 17. Since then, his passion has driven his culinary career, leading to the eventual opening of Yardbird in Hong Kong with his business partner Lindsay Jang. The restaurant specialises in Japanese skewers, yakitori (for obvious reasons) serves almost every part of a chicken: thigh, achilles, liver, even the thyroid and ventricle. Since its opening in 2011, the Sheung Wan restaurant has made huge waves in the restaurant scene, making chicken the star of the show.

In the name of Yardbird, chicken is now revered in all its golden and juicy glory. As the Conde Nest traveler once gave its highest praise, saying Yardbird serves “the best yakitori in the world”. Many may question, “what’s the magic of simply chicken on a stick?” Today, Abergel is revealing their secret to success in their first book, “chicken and charcoal”.

With vivid images and detail descriptions, the 240-pages covers the back story of Yardbird and the ABCs of making their signature chicken skewer. Essentially a cookbook, the step-by-step guide includes anything from sourcing to saucing, their grilling techniques over charcoal as well as how to break down a chicken into what is served on the menu. Abergel hopes the book can convince his readers the recipes are doable at home and inspires them to go out, buy a chicken and start appreciating the art of yakitori.

Whether you want to save pennies by eating at home while still enjoy some quality gourmet food or looking to “wow” your guests for the coming gathering, this book could be the greatest bang for the buck.

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