Veja x Basics for Basics: Sophisticated, Simple & Sustainable

Eco-friendly, organic and fair-trade products are more than a fleeting trend, sustainable options have become increasingly popular in the fashion industry - and for good reason. Customers are now looking to buy responsibly and are aligning themselves with brands who share the same values.

On April 5th, WOAW launched a pop-up for a collaboration project between Veja and Basics for Basics, two brands with eco-conscious values woven into every design. Apart from the similarities in commitment to curating with premium, environmentally friendly and fair-trade materials, Veja x Basics for Basics also share an appreciation for minimalist, comfortable and beautifully cut designs. 

Basics for Basics is the brainchild of Hong Kong’s own Kayla Wong. The spinning, knitting and dyeing of the Indian cotton designs are all produced within 40km of the head office, keeping carbon emissions to a minimum. Kayla’s commitment is not only to provide quality 100% organic cotton garments that “act like a second skin” to customers, but also to ensure the same commitment is reflected in the treatment of the people involved in the production.

Hailing from France, Veja is a footwear brand that holds deep roots in its production in Brazil. Working with small-scale producers and Atelier Sans Frontiers, a social enterprise dedicated to helping people in rough conditions, the brand ensures workers’ rights are rightfully respected and job opportunities are provided to people facing social exclusion as well as those who do not have skills or training. Fair-trade materials include rubber that is sourced directly from the Amazonian forest and organic cotton is bought from 300 family run farms. Eco-tanned leather also helps to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Endorsed by the likes of Margaret Chung, Janet Ma, Billy Chan, Charles Lam and Maggie Stadelmann, to name a few, the Veja x Basics for Basics collaboration is a step in the right direction towards the production of and appreciation for responsible fashion. Shop the collection here.