Thinking Outside of the Box: Mandem Safe SC

We’ve all faced the problem of what to do with a shoebox after it’s been emptied of its contents. Yet with an ingenious invention from a London-based creative duo, that simple cardboard contraption becomes a respectable disguise for a safe that stores all your most prized possessions, sneakers or not.

WOAW introduces the Mandem Safe SC to its lineup this January. The no-frills version of the LX premium option, the SC edition is a key-operated, hand-finished steel safe that slots perfectly into a standard Nike shoe box, thus cleverly disguising itself as being worth much less than its actual value. A foam-lined interior also ensures that no harm will come to your valuables after being deposited within the safe.

The Mandem Safe SC is now available here. Don’t miss our interview with Mandem Safe co-founder Joe Fitzgerald.