The Bookend Nappers Are Taking a Break from Technology, So Should You

Bill and Bob want you to unwind and read a book – An homage to Jean Jullien’s “The People” exhibition, Case Studyo has teamed up with CG+ to release “The Bookend Napper” in smaller versions of the life-sized sculptures in hopes of making art-world luxury accessible to the purchasing public.

Known for his use of simple strokes yet distinctive pastels to convey uplifting notions with subtle humor, the French-born, London-based Jean Jullien draws inspiration from his observations in daily life, his father’s love of music and comics, and his mother’s expertise in the fine arts. In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on mobile phones and social network, Jean Jullien has previously dedicated his shows as well as several of his several illustrations to poke fun at our obsession of cutting ourselves off from real life. Bill and Bob,  subjects of The Bookend Nappers, were also made into life-sized figures featured in “The People” exhibition which was showcased last year in Bangkok. Moving on from Case Studyo and Jullien’s previous collaboration on porcelain series “Animal Bowls,” the figures takes the form of a smiling character resting peacefully. Each item, Bill in pink and Bob in blue, is individually hand-painted and lacquered.

If you are looking for an eye-popping ornament to lighten up your study or simply a functional bookend, look no further than The Bookend Nappers, which are available for purchase here.