The 14th Factory: An Otherworldly Take on Culture As We Know It

Housed in an enormous 3-acre warehouse across from an abandoned city jail, The 14th Factory is a not-so-little slice of Hong Kong in downtown LA. The brainchild of Hong Kong based artist, Simon Birch, the pop up art installation is inspired by the “Thirteen Factories” of the Canton region – a mixing pot of East and West forged together by trade during the Qing Dynasty.

The journey through the 14 large-scale collaborative works by artists representing Greater China, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and aims to depict a transformative and immersive experience that leaves the contemporary world at the front door as archaic and one-dimensional.

Using multiple mediums of art and a unique blend of multicultural perspectives, The 14th Factory reimagines your typical cross-cultural collaboration into a self-described “mystic universe created collaboratively through video, installation, sculpture, sound, paintings, and live performance”. Think – witnessing an orchestrated brawl in Beijing, stepping into the final scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey, a terrifying room of hanging pitchforks, and Simon Birch’s very own Ferrari crashing before your eyes.

Through the power of collaboration, The 14th Factory paints a picture and experience that resonates with, and speaks directly to the modern global citizen.