Story Behind the Popular Hong-Kong-Based Meme Creator on Instagram - @hkmehmeh

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I am the brainchild, founder, ghost writer and biggest inspiration behind @hkmehmeh. My friends like to call me “MEME QUEEN”.

How did you start @hkmehmeh?

It started as a joke between my friends because of my serious meme addiction. Also I was getting sick of all the pre-existing memes where people repost same stuff over and over again across social media. So I wanted to start making fresher content to entertain both my friends and myself.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I can't pinpoint a particular source as an inspiration for my memes. But if I must choose one, my biggest inspiration is just from observing all the little discomfort and occurrences I experience on my regular days. For example, I just posted a meme about slow walkers. We come across these people almost every day and complain about them. So just from that i will turn them into a meme.

For starter pack series, I would say I am usually inspired by my different group of friends who represent different “subcultures”. Some of them are bad and boujee people who like to spend all of their pennies on partying in LKF every weekend, whereas my local friends like to go for a hike to the Peak or hit the beaches and tag #homekong when they post their pictures.

We notice lots of the memes about Jackie Chan, why him?

When I first started posting about Jackie Chan, I didn't know that I would make a series of memes about him. But then I realised that he is actually  the ultimate international icon of Hong Kong, who everyone can easily  recognise. Also he is such a great actor with a lot of colorful facial expressions which makes it easier for me to translate into memes and for people to relate to.

What's your favourite meme post of all time?

This is my all time favorite meme post:

I usually like the sub meme genre called wholesome meme a lot, which conveys support, positivity, love, affection, and genuine friendship by re-contextializing classic meme formats.

On surface, it may seem like my page is about roasting different groups of people, but at the end of the day what i really like about my meme page is that it brings a lot of people from different age group, nationalities, races and social class together to relate and appreciate more about HK culture. and essentially, i think that will bring more positivity into our life.

What would be the WOAW starter pack?

Check out the highlight video here: