Stickymonger Creates “Parallel Universe” in Space 27

New York based Korean artist Joohee Park, aka Stickymonger is known for her vinyl die-cut sticker installations that features doe-eyed characters in sardonic narratives. Through her large-scale murals, often accompanied by smaller canvases, her characters explore feelings of anxiety and other ambiguous emotions, forming portals to let her audiences into an alternate surreal universe. Her window installation at World Trade Centre New York received highly positive public attention. Stickymonger works also appear in a collection of world renown art fairs and galleries such as the Art Basel Hong Kong and Frieze New York.

The artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong will showcase new paintings, digital art and wall installations, inviting audience to an unparalleled immersion in a peculiar yet playful world. The show exhibits Stickymonger new work with an introduction of colours in contrast to her usual black and white narratives originated from her childhood residence by a gas station. The signature soulful eyes in her works convey an air of vulnerable nonchalance as an expression of a persona full of childlike wonder. The wide-eye gaze hides an introspective self, creating an “odd mixture” of dark innocence and colourful apathy.