Spice up your sofa with Ben Frost

Constantly challenging contemporary norms and values in culture and society, Australian contemporary artist Ben Frost is best known for taking popular pop icons such and adding his interpretation and meaning to them. Frost works on different mediums, from packaging to paintings; often confronting the audiences' train of thought and stimulating the relationship between media, advertising, entertainment and politics.

1984, JUSTONEMOREBUM & XANAX (Left to right) - Ben Frost

The latest release of Frost's merchandise feature cushion cases with 3 distinct designs - JUSTONEMOREBUM, XANAX and 1984. All feature a premium velet-finish and a zip-fastening closure with Ben Frost logo tag.

Ben Frost logo tag

JUSTONEMOREBUM cushion case - Ben Frost

JUSTONEMOREBUMP shows a innocent looking rabbit (maybe from Bambie?) looking up at a cocaine container. Frost's challenges cultural norms by bringing in children's cartoon character; and questions the innocence of one self when taking another bump. 

XNAX cushion case - Ben Frost

XANAX showcases one of Frost's most iconic imagery - the female character tearing up, on a XANAX packaging. The drug is often used for anxiety management and panic disorder;  allowing the audience to look for a deeper meaning in oneself when intaking medication to manage one's emotions and feelings.

1984 cushion case - Ben Frost

1984 is based on famous novel writer George Orwell's work - 1984. 1984 depicts a future world where we live in a oppressive and totalitarian state. Everyone  is being watched over and recorded. Frost interprets 1984 and combines it with his own crying character to illustrate how humanity has drove the lady to tear up and stare into the abyss

The cushion cases are 50cm x 50cm in size and a larger 65x65cm feather insert is recommended to give your cushion that desired fluffy filling. They are available online now and in-store!