Sonos One Ties Together Magnificent Sound and Alexa to Create the Perfect Smart Speaker

Since 2002, Sonos have stayed true in their vision to ‘help music lovers play any song anywhere in their homes’ by creating innovative products that seamlessly connect through Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for copious amounts of wires and complicated set ups.

The One has put its name on the map by embodying the brilliant compact design of the Play:1, as it manages to achieve an amazing, room filling sound despite its size and due to being wireless, the One supports 61 music services including Amazon Music, Spotify and Tunein, allowing to access many radio stations both international and local.  

Ultimately, what makes this speaker so special is that it is the first Sonos speaker to integrate voice assistant technology through Amazons Alexa, but unlike many other smart speakers on the market, it remains a speaker first and foremost, giving you an unparalleled sound quality.

To make the One so powerful, Sonos have designed custom-built drivers, perfectly tuned to the speaker’s unique dimensions and acoustics resulting in booming bass, crystal clear mids and piercing trebles. And through Alexa you can command the One to play any song, album or playlist from Spotify as well as change the volume of the speaker or skip songs.

The One will always hear what you say due to its array of six microphones which can be turned on and off with a simple touch sensitive button, giving you privacy.

There is no need to worry about speaker being damaged as it has a durable metal grille which will protect against falls and scratches. It is also designed with humidity resistance, bringing music to damp areas like your bathroom or the outdoors.

The One, as the name implies, allows you to effortlessly connect to other Sonos products such as the Sub if you want a deep bass or the Playbar for a high-quality set up for a mega home theatre experience. You can also pair two Sonos One’s for instant stereo surround sound which will bring life to any party. The Sonos controller app allows you to easily manage your set up and over time, it learns what music you love, giving you great recommendations.

Sonos have also integrated Trueplay into the One which allows you to fine tune the speakers by moving your smart device around the room giving you a tailored listening experience.

If you are looking to add more speakers to your setup to allow multi room listening, WOAW offers a multitude of the top Sonos products such as the Play:5, The Sub and Playbase which when combined, create an unrivalled sound system.

The Sonos One is now at WOAW in white or black, check it out here.