Introducing mr clement porcelain sculpture - 2019 Season 1

Hong Kong-born, Tokyo based artist mr. clement has released a set of porcelain sculptures feature 4 different ribbit silhouettes. Known for his expressive Lapin character, each porcelain sculpture champions different emotion or message - Nice To Meet You, I Don’t Care, I Hide Nothing and Inner Beauty. The sculptures are 100% handcrafted by the artist and include a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. 


Nice To Meet You reflects mr. clement’s isolation and loneliness. The porcelain sculpture is seen offering a handshake. The Rabbit figure features a detailed crafted human hand emerging from the Lapin suit. Easily hinting as the mr. clement’s hand. Reaching out to collectors and creating a connection between artist and bearer.

I Don’t Care is the second of the collection. The Rabbit figure is seen sticking out its tongue playfully. Seeing it in an unfriendly manner with its hands tucked in the back and leaning backward conveying the “I Don’t Care” attitude. Challenging collectors to look past its unfavorable appearance and make friends.

Hide Nothing features the iconic Rabbit stretching open its chest, allowing others to examine what is inside on it – Hiding nothing!  Staying true to its name, holding a blank stare the sculpture shows the craftsmanship which is a result of overcoming countless failures in the creation of it.

Inner Beauty is the last of the set. The edition is a revisit of a similar concept by mr. clement’s Petit Lapin Museum in 2012. The Lapin figure is seen taking off it’s “head” and showing the skull inside to viewers. It is seen as a symbolic gesture to the artist himself that the iconic Rabbit figure is a part of him and vice versa.

Each porcelain sculpture stands at around 11⅖-inches tall and handcrafted by the artist himself. Every sculpture includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and can be purchased separately or as a set here.