Run Hong Kongers, Run!

If you’re looking for more cardio than trekking up the hills of Soho, the Standard Chatered Hong Kong Marathon will give you a run for your money. The full marathon, which took place this year in the wee hours of February 12, clocks in at 42.195 km long (for you Americans, that’s a whopping 26.2 miles)!

74,000 runners took part in the event which started at 6am, a time when revelers from a night out are stumbling into bed. The run starts in Tsim Sha Tsui and goes through three tunnels, two bridges, and two highways.

Coming in first place for men’s at two hours 10 minutes and 31 seconds was Ethiopian runner Bizuneh Melaku Belachew. In women’s, Ethiopia’s Chala Gulume Tollesa took the title, finishing at two hours, 33 minutes and 39 seconds.

In addition to their titles (and we bet some lavish personal satisfaction), both happily received the first prize in the amount of US$65,000 (HK$504,000).

If you’re feeling inspired and want to sign up next year – we suggest starting with the 10KM – a prerequisite to the Marathon. In addition to the grueling full marathon, other events that occur on the same day include the half marathon, 10KM, 10KM wheelchair race and 3km wheelchair race.

There’s a reasonable HKD $350 entry fee for Hong Kong-based runners and HKD $450 for overseas runner. For the marathon, the time limit is 6 hours and participants must be 20 years old or above.  

For those hoping to cross a race off their bucket list, there’s plenty of time to start training before next year’s!  To make sure you get the best support and preparation, WOAW Store offers these essential workout gear for your marathon training:

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