Recap: MYKU Press Day& Pop-Up


MYKU is committed to creating intrinsic worth and timeless designs, painstakingly crafted from materials that withstand the test of time, for high quality, Swiss-made timepieces of understated luxury. Subject to stringent quality controls throughout production and assembly, each unique piece draws on inherent qualities and natural beauty of carefully sourced stones and materials. 



MYKU: FOUNDER & DESIGNERInspired by simplicity and elegance, MYKU is a new brand of meticulously crafted Swiss-made watches, to stand the test of time. MYKU one-of-a-kind timepieces are the aligned vision and brainchild of Founder, Kuan Teo, and Designer, François Hurtaud. Expressing a desire to create lasting, singular beauty, MYKU is designed for the discerning collector, who appreciates subtlety, understated luxury and the ‘Substance of Time’. “Simply put, I don’t like complications. Why waste so much time trying to figure out the superfluous functions of elaborate watches that we will probably never use anyway? The basic function of the watch is to tell the time, while looking aesthetically pleasing on our wrists,” points out Kuan Teo, Founder & MD of MYKU. “With MYKU, we have stripped away the complexities, yet maintained the beauty, intricacy and uniqueness, of our each individual timepieces, owing to the inherent qualities of the natural elements.” From inception of design to production and assembly, MYKU places strong emphasis on the utmost quality and respect for natural materials, making every timepiece special and unique. 

MYKU watch

MYKU watch

The debut collection, ‘Elemental Classic Series 1’, introduces a watch-face that is cut from semi-precious natural stone, such as lucid white Carrera marble or enigmatic black onyx and complimented by fine Italian leather straps. All this results in a masterfully distinctive, timeless aesthetic.“I now think of design as an equation,” says François Hurtaud, Partner & Designer of MYKU, “trying to find creative solutions to balance functionality and aesthetics, sustainability and profitability, viability and legitimacy is always a unique challenge. MYKU is about respecting the fragility and limitations of natural elements and incorporating them into modern design.”
With the launch of their new brand, MYKU, Kuan and François envisage continuing to innovate products by consistently exploring options of modernising traditional methods. Socially and environmentally responsible, the brand is dedicated to maintaining a heightened sense of craftsmanship.


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