WOAW occasionally holds cross-cultural events like “BIG SHOTS” the first Asia Tour by Phillip Leeds, the photographer recommended by Pharrell Williams, art exhibition “Lonely Wanderer” with HVW8, the famous art museum in Los Angeles, etc. This time, #WOAWSOCIALCLUB first ever wine tasting event hit the town.

“Fashion and life are inseparable.” Inspired by Kevin Poon’s collections of interesting things around the globe, #WOAWSOCIALCLUB further interprets the true and main idea of lifestyle with interesting cultures and activities. Without boundaries and restrictions, “DRINK.DROP.SHOP.” wine tasting event brought us actual experience and interactions with friends around the world.

The event was held on 17 August in WOAW! store bringing 4 featured alcohols to everyone. Four Fox Saké, Fernet Hunter, Black Kite Brewery and Elements of Islay placing in four separate corners allow guests to enjoy different wines in such relaxing places.

Elephant Grounds ice cream sandwich had as well provided another choice of all comers: white Russian ice cream flavour and two lady finger cookies, combining honeycomb and Kahlúa pipette. The taste of EGICS is doubtless delicious and matches with the event theme.
Representing the ultimate in purity and perfection, Four Fox Saké fills the gap between tradition and modern aiming to make sake cool and desirable with such fashionable and eye-catching bottle designs produced in Niigata prefecture, NW Japan. This “Junmai Daiginjo”, the highest grade of Saké, contains natural and clear snow water creating exceptional smoothness of taste. Four Fox Saké served chilled with straight up or on rocks is the best way to enjoy it.

Established in collaboration between father and son, handcrafted classic Italian bitter, Fernet Hunter combines centuries of experience in distilling and alcohol trade with a modern approach in bartending. With such unique character and wonderful balance for this spirits, the essence from all those herbs and spices is extracted and creates a chill and enjoyable environment.

Handcrafted beer with their German wine brewer, Black Kite Brewery uses barleys from Germany and Australia and hops from the States and Australia brewing out the localised beer which so-called the taste of Hong Kong. In the compact city like Hong Kong, they saw the black kite flying beautifully between skyscrapers, in which inspiration of their brand name. Hence, the taste of their brewed beer is fresh and light with vary tastes suitable for many occasions under the hot and humid weather in Hong Kong.

Design inspired by mediators combining the elements and symbols of medical labels, Elements of Islay featured 4 brewers from Scotland. Drip bottles with different chemical symbols indicate the names of winery and the chemical numbers represent the batches of whiskey. The taste of the whiskey with few drops of water for dilution tastes smoky but fruity with a long tasting note that each elements bottle bears their signature aroma and taste

With all such favourable alcohol, we wish to see you all again in our next #WOAWSOCIALCLUB event! Al-co-hol you later!

Peep the gallery below: