Q&A with Creative Director of Priv. Spoons Club - Michiko Yamawaki

How did you come up with the name "Priv. Spoons Club"?
Spooning means two people lie close together sideways and front to back, so as to fit together like spoons. And Priv. Spoon Club is a concept that our customers do the spooning in our products. 

How did the brand start?
I worked as a fashion stylist​ before​ starting PSC. When I became 30, I started to care more about roomwear other than outfit. And I started putting my roomwear on my instagram. ​After that our current CEO contacted me and wanted to start a brand together. That's how Priv. Spoons Club started. 

Why Pajamas?
We want to make products to be used in bedroom. ​So we started from the core part - pajamas​, ​and beddings.

How do you come up with the slogans being featured on your products?
I always imagine what the products want to say if they could speak.

What makes our first capsule collaboration different to other collection?  

I picked the colors and slogan - No Sleep Club, which I think customers in Hong Kong would feel it, as I ​think​ Hong Kong people don't sleep much haha.

Which is your favourite piece from our collection?
The signature No Sleep Club Pajama Set. I really like the slogan!

Any future plans for Priv. Spoons Club?

I really want to have a Private Spoons Hotel in the future.  By pursuing the texture and comfortableness, it lets the hotel guests to experience our products and they can buy the products at the hotel. I want to have a place like that.

How do you feel about Hong Kong?
Hong Kong city and people are ​full of energy​. It​ gives me ​so much ​positive ​energy.