Have a WOAW Christmas! The Upside Down Face Vase by Parra

The holidays are around the corner.  Looking for a gift for someone special? We got you! We’ve went through everything and picked out the best gifts WOAW can offer to your friends and family!

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Known for his humanoid birds characters and characteristic pastel like pink, red and blue colour scheme, Dutch Artist Piet Parra is back again this holiday with a second interpretation of the "The Upside Down Face vase".

 Left: The Upside Down Face Vase Helmet   Right: The Upside Down Face Vase

The new addition of the series features a feminine bird-like character. The second edition features the girl bird showing off her long wavy lipstick red hair; exhibiting a form of elegance and sophistication compared to the bold and athletic male version. 

The Upside Down Vase is hand painted and stands 23cm tall. The Upside Down Vase will be available today! Stay tuned!