ONE “PUNCH”! 33 ‘Pop Art Avengers’ assembled in Los Angeles Exhibition


DEVAN SHIMOYAMA Roses Are Falling, 2019 Image by Jeffrey Deitch

Chicago born contemporary visual artist Nina Chanel Abney, active in New York art industry, world renowned by her bold and colourful artworks broaching controversial topics such as race, gender, politics and religions. In her artworks, she infiltrates her beliefs and ideology via the unapologetic abstraction. Recently she teamed up with Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles and curated a summer exhibition “PUNCH”, gathering 33 Los Angeles based contemporary artists to discuss the connections and disconnections between culture and subculture.

PAT PHILLIPS You May Not Drive A Gravy Cadillac, 2018 Image by Jeffrey Deitch

PAT PHILLIPS Korean Fingertrap / Summer Madness, 2018 Image by Jeffrey Deitch

The exhibition brings diversity to the artist community by featuring artists who explores contemporary culture through the lens of figuration and abstraction. Though sharing the background of growing up in the digital age, they take different approaches to painting.

LUCIA HIERRO Mandao #3, 2019 Image by Jeffrey Deitch

LUCIA HIERRO Mandao #3 Tied, 2019 Image by Jeffrey Deitch

GABRIELLA SANCHEZ Peer / Peer, 2019 Image by Jeffrey Deitch

Like Gabriella Sanchez, who immerses her artworks in digital language influenced by popular culture and digital streaming service, whereas Arcmanoro Niles chooses a more classic composition with fresh elements in his paintings. Among the versatility art forms, the Nava Acrylic and grease pencil strokes painting on Tigress Snake, 2019 by Robert Nava undoubtedly making a strong impression with its pop art chimera, giving a tease on the modernised people losing creativity when the world is full of search engine helping system, that can obtain information at one's fingertips.

ROBERT NAVA Tigress Snake, 2019 Image by Jeffrey Deitch 

Every piece shows precedent elements of pop art and expressionism, integrating various mediums and different designs, cartoons, graffiti of which aims to portray a snapshot of a modern society of new media and pop culture presented with a visual ‘PUNCH’, on view through August 17.

CHEYENNE JULIEN Plein Air, 2019 Image by Jeffrey Deitch

GABRIELLA SANCHEZ Peer / Peer, 2019 Image by Jeffrey Deitch

Here is the list of artists for those who are interested in visiting the art gallery:

Nina Chanel Abney

Trevor Andrew aka GucciGhost

Greg Breda

Amoako Boafo

Jordan Casteel 

Jonathan Lyndon Chase

Caitlin Cherry

Jeffrey Cheung

Theresa Chromati

Kenturah Davis

Danny Fox

Monica Kim Garza

Georgina Gratrix

Lauren Halsey

Lucia Hierro

February James

Khari Johnson-Ricks

Cheyenne Julien

Austin Lee

Jaime Muñoz


Robert Nava

Arcmanoro Niles

Matthew Palladino

Pat Phillips

Umar Rashid

Gabriella Sanchez

Koichi Sato

Tschabalala Self

Alake Shilling

Devan Shimoyama

David Shrobe

Henry Taylor


Punch, curated by artist Nina Chanel Abney

Jeffrey Deitch

925 N Orange Dr

Los Angeles, CA 90038