Show your support with local Hong Kong Brands! - MYBU + Knotti

- MYBU -

Here at WOAW, we sell a variety of top quality brands. From Adidas, Herschel Supply, to TOMS and so much more, we provide the best of the best for our customers!

Representing Hong Kong, Doris Ngie, founder of MYBU, created one of the best all natural scented candles you can ever get your hands on. All MYBU candles are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and scents are 100% pure essential oils. The benefits of their all-natural essential oils originating from the farms of France and India, boosts therapeutic benefits.

The candles are accompanied by recycled paper and reusable glassware! In addition to the essential oils, the candles are made from all natural soy from soybeans and are preservative free. The wicks are of course lead-free cotton, so that it doesn’t produce any soot once it’s lit.


You can choose from a range of their scents: Jasmine / French Lavender / Lemon / Wild Lemongrass / Rose / Sweet Orange / Peppermint / Ylang Ylang / Lavender, Geranium & Pine / Jasmine, Patchouli, Sweet Orange / Forest Pine / and Lemongrass & Cedarwood. MYBU’s signature scents range from their Lavender, Geranium & Pine. Get a whiff of classic French lavender, middle notes of sweet flowery Geranium and hints of Forest Pine. You’ll be basically smelling a meadow in a jar! Their other classic scent is their Jasmine, Patchouli, Sweet Orange. You’ll get the foundation of jasmine, patchouli being the center of attention and a touch of wild orange. This will be great for those who are feeling tense, anxious or going through insomnia.

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- Knotti -

So, have you been Knotti or nice for Christmas this year? (Pun intended)

Have no fear, whether it’s been both, treat yourself to one of Knotti’s hand-knitted crafts with a modern take on it! We absolutely love what Knotti stands for; each product has their own uniqueness to it as home knitters here in Hong Kong personally craft each product giving it a traceable story from the producer to the consumer.

Each product is made with biodegradable yarn from KPC (Knit Purl Crochet) based in Australia. Knotti products range from beanies, sweaters and to warm scarves! You’ll surely be kept warm enough for the cold winter ahead.

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